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Best Portable Blender

Best Portable Blender

Portable blenders are relatively newer in the market, while there are so many different types of personal blenders to choose from, most of them tend to be the plug-in type.

On the other hand, portable blenders, can be used anywhere since they are not only efficient but battery-operated. In addition, you can often charge them with a USB cable through your computer, car charger, or other battery packs.

Having a high quality portable blender gives you the option to create your own healthy smoothie on the go or use it to crush ice and prepare healthy drinks.

Great for use at the office and when traveling indoors or outdoors, such as campsites, picnics, on the train, and even air planes. The sky is literally the limit, no pun intended.

Easy smoothies on the go

No matter where you are headed, a good quality portable blender is essential to make sure we can maintain the usual regime of healthy drinks on the go and sustain an alkaline diet that is healthy, affordable and fresh.

You can use it to create different types of creamy fruit smoothies such as mango berries, or mango pineapple, and even juices, for instance a healthy lemonade, by squeezing some lemon juice from a fresh lemon or lime, adding, water, ice, and your choice of natural sweetener such as raw honey or high-quality maple syrup.

If you want to buy a portable blender to support your healthy diet and lifestyle, here are some suggestions that will help you make the best decision based on your budget.

While many portable blenders are made of BPA plastic containers and must be avoided, some portable blenders are made of glass, which should always be the first choice (and only choice if you ask us). Plastics are known to be full of toxins and potential carcinogens that leach into food and drinks, therefore we must be wary of the parts in the portable blender we select.

The Best
Portable Blender

The key to choosing the right blender is to remember these are not full-size blenders. You won’t get the same power and ability you normally would by using a plug-in kitchen blender or food processor.

That said, you will find some great portable blending products that will surprise you with their abilities to make the blends you want when you are out and about.

Your healthy drinks, icy drinks, or frozen drinks don’t have to be limited to times when you are at home. These blenders will let you take your favorite fruit and vegetable blends with you to work, the gym, or simply when enjoying a nice day outside.

Teami Portable Blender

Teami MIXit

#1 Teami MIXit Portable Blender 2.0

Here is a great portable blender to support your health journey, which is bigger than most at 18.6 OZ or 550ml. It uses glass rather than plastic which is significant when looking to maximize and protect your health benefits.

It has six strong 304 stainless steel blades that will move at 25,000RPMs for a great, smooth blend each time. It also has a sports top that was designed specifically for easy transport. A rubber strap is added as well for transportation.

This blender can mix herbs, powder (grinded herbs), fruits, veggies, and ice so you can make your juice, smoothie and even herbal powder shakes. It is USB chargeable from almost any USB source.

The Teami MIXit is easy to take apart for cleaning, and the mixing parts are dishwasher safe. It comes with a free smoothie recipe eBook, and you can get the blender in pink or black.

It makes living a healthy lifestyle much easier, especially on the go. While many portable blenders come with a recipe book, make sure to follow alkaline recipes of fruits and veggies, while substituting dairy milks with coconut milk or water.

PopBabies Smoothie Blender


#2 PopBabies Smoothie Blender

The PopBabies Smoothie Blender is a great portable blender that is durable, easy to use, and has a glass cup as a safe BPA and plastic free option. It is heat resistant and uses borosilicate glass for its mixing glass.

Even with the glass versus plastic, it is lightweight and can fit easily in luggage, lunch bags, back pack or purse. You can use this machine with almost anything you would blend in a bigger blender, such as frozen fruit, veggies, and even ice.

As with most blenders, the pieces you blend need to be small enough to fit the cup but add a bit of liquid for easy blending, and you are ready to go.

This portable blender will make shakes, smoothies, and juice anywhere and anytime. It is simple to recharge through its USB adapter. Simply plug this compact blender into a power bank, laptop, car, or anywhere you would normally charge with a USB cable. Its 14oz capabilities will allow you to make healthy blends easily.

It comes with an ice cube tray as well. Its 5200 mAh rechargeable battery takes three to four hours to charge, but it can then do 25+ blends of 40 seconds each as needed. Great power for a reasonable price.

Fbemoz Portable Blender


#3 Fbemoz Portable Blender

This portable blender is eco-friendly and easy to use. It also uses borosilicate glass and offers a safer health-conscious experience. It has a silicone bottom that is non-slip with good shock absorption.

The switch function makes sure it will not turn on if the cup and base are not put together properly.

The blender has six strong blades of PCS 304 stainless steel and combined with the strong motor, it offers a good blending capacity to blend both fruits and vegetables quickly.

The battery is 2000 mAh and charges from most standard USB devices such as a power bank, laptop, or car outlet. It takes three to five hours to be fully charged but can then blend 12 to 15 icy drinks.

The combination of blades and motor power make blending single portions of juice, smoothies, herbal powder shakes, or baby food easy. You also will get a travel lid so it can go anywhere, even when blended.

The bonus with the blender is the easy cleaning. Just add warm water into the portable smoothie blender, long press the button for power, and it will start to auto clean. The smart LED lights show you the battery level and when it is locked safely.

It can be used with ice or frozen ingredients but make sure to follow the instructions so harder products don’t jam in the blades. A simple tip down and a little additional liquid while starting the blend works perfectly. It’s a great all-around blender.

Fruits- keep it alkaline


#4 AVIO Portable Blender

While this blender looks basic, it is a solid, easy-to-use travel blender. It can blend 13 to 18 cups with a full battery, and the battery only takes three hours to reach full charge.

You can recharge its 2000 mAh battery using any compatible USB device such as a laptop, power bank, car outlet, or wall socket.

The blender is light at only 1.27 pounds, so it can go on a hike, traveling, camping, to the office, gym, and almost anywhere else you can think of. It comes with a travel lid so you can blend your drink then leave the machine behind and use the blender jar as a travel cup.

The top is a durable borosilicate glass jar, and the four blades use PCS 304 stainless steel. Your health is protected with its non-toxic, BPA-free materials for the rest of the blender.

There is a silicone casing on the USB port for added protection and a sensor with a blinking red light to show when the jar is not attached properly. The blades move at 18,000 RPMs, so any shake, juice, or smoothie will only take 45 seconds to make.

The blender has a blinking white light that will show when the jar is on properly, and you are ready to blend. The red light will stay on steady when the battery is charging.

Cleaning is easy by simply putting warm water in the blender and letting it run. It not only blends fruit and veggies but can also do frozen fruit and ice if you add a bit of liquid before starting. It’s a solid purchase for healthy juices and blends.

Little Bees Portable Blender

Little Bees

#5 Little Bees Portable Blender

The Little Bees Portable Blender may look small and basic, but it has a good size cup and it’s easy to use anywhere and anytime. You can blend shakes, smoothies, juice, and baby food, just to name a few.

Take it when you are on the go, turn it on, blend, and then you are set. It has 6 304 stainless steel blades and a solid motor system that will tackle most ingredients, including ice and frozen fruit. Its built-in lithium 4000 mAh battery can go 15-20 times between charges, and it only takes 2.5 hours to reach a full charge.

The blender is safe as it won’t work unless the top is on correctly. The blades are hidden and won’t cause issues. The blender is leak-proof and easy to clean by simply adding warm water and turning it on.

Give it a quick rinse, and you’re done. Its glass jar is durable as well. It has a bottom switch design, and the USB is not prominent. You can charge it from any USB port, including a laptop, power bank, or car outlet.

Portable Blenders

Portable blenders are not going to take the place of your bigger home blender, food processor or juicers. They give you flexibility when you are out and don’t have access to your normal kitchen gadgets.

These portable blenders are even different from the small personal blenders that plugin as these do not need power cords other than to charge them.

Since portable blenders are a little different than the bigger ones, you need to be mindful of how you use them. While they give you the ability to make your healthy fruit and veggie blends when you are out and about, it is essential to follow the seller/manufacture directions to get the utmost out of them.

It is also important to make sure that ingredients fit well in the blender, smaller chunks are better. Soft fruits such as berries, mangos and bananas are easy to blend VS carrots, a starchy vegetable which takes more time and care.

Most of these blenders will do ice and frozen fruit but often need some liquid included when starting. Some blenders will suggest starting with the machine pointing down as well. Once the blades are moving while it is in this position, slowing invert the blender, so the ice or frozen ingredients connect with the spinning blades.

You may need to shake the blender gently to ensure these solids don’t get caught under the blades and jam. If you follow the directions and tips, you should have no problem creating the blends you want, anywhere you want.

Smoothies on the go

Benefits of Using
A Portable Blender

While the obvious benefits of using a portable blender are easy to transport and not needing a cord or outlet to run it, the real benefit, comes from maintaining a healthy affordable lifestyle on the road.

Being able to make juice and smoothies from fruits, veggies, and herbs anywhere at any time is a great way to maintain your alkaline lifestyle, even in places you normally may have trouble doing so.

You can maximize the healing power of natural ingredients without compromise. Being proactive about your health through natural healing means you can use this product to create fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies that move your body in a direction where the treatment “dis-ease” cancer, autoimmune disease, and mental health issues can happen.

Fresh produce without chemicals can be one of the best health advantages you can give yourself, so using it in your drinks is a significant benefit that includes battles against symptoms and health conditions as well as offering anti-aging and weight loss benefits.

Taking care of your body and your health can not just happen at home. We all work, socialize and exercise outdoors, so having options for self-care when we can’t be at home is extremely essential. Having 24/7 access to healthy raw fruits and vegetables in an easy eat/drink form is crucial. Their simple sugars, amino and fatty acids are all accessible.

These “God-foods” give us the health support our cells need to thrive and provide an alkaline environment for maximum detoxification and regeneration of cells.

No more excuses, with a portable blender we can make fruit and veggies into drinks anywhere we go. They get us through times where we don’t have access to resources such as home blenders or high-quality local juice and smoothie bars.

Just a quick blend away to get a proper energy boost and provide our cells with the finest nutrition to support our health.

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