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Can You Live Without Your Thyroid? Natural Health Guide

Can You Live Without Your Thyroid? Natural Health Guide

Can You Live Without Your Thyroid?

Yes, you can live without your thyroid gland, but if you have a thyroid, the real question should be: Should you live without it?

Living without a thyroid massively impacts the way the entire body functions and therefore, we must take all the necessary steps to avoid extreme procedures of removing or destroying the thyroid gland’s tissue or cells.

It is a different scenario if you or your loved ones were born without a thyroid gland or with a deformed thyroid gland (covered more substantially further below) but if you do have a thyroid, it is essential you know what options are available to heal your thyroid before you engage with unnecessary extreme medical procedures.   

First, let’s go ahead and discuss cases where you already have a thyroid and might be dealing with different thyroid disorders.

If you have been dealing with some thyroid disorders such as hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, nodules, cysts, goiter, etc. you may think you have no other choice than resulting in harrowing and extreme medical procedures that require to radiate or surgically remove the thyroid gland. After all, this is what your doctor said…

Sadly, this is a very common misconception that dominates the allopathic community, misleading thyroid and parathyroid patients to think and believe they don’t have other options but to remove their thyroid.  It is essential you know that you do have other options, no matter how severe is your thyroid or parathyroid condition, you do have more options and way better healing solutions.

In this article we are going to raise awareness about natural solutions for the thyroid gland, what is required to reduce inflammation and bring the body and the thyroid cells to a balanced state. We are also going to cover information about the consequences of removing the thyroid gland, and steps you can take to improve your health in case your thyroid has already been removed. 

In addition, we will also discuss what it’s like to be born without a thyroid or born with a deformed or partially grown thyroid gland and what is required to regenerate thyroid tissue in babies and infants.

Why is The Thyroid Gland So Important?
The thyroid gland is an essential organ with a very specific role. It is part of The Endocrine Glands system which includes the parathyroid, pituitary, adrenals, pancreas, hypothalamus, pineal, ovaries and testes glands.

The Endocrine glands secrete hormones, steroids, and neurotransmitters directly into the bloodstream and work together to regulate the most important functions in the body, such as: metabolism (the way the body breaks down food in order to utilize energy), growth and development, blood pressure, fertility and sexual function, sleep, emotions, mood and almost any possible activity in the body.

Without a thyroid gland the body won’t be able to produce thyroid hormones, and if you think the symptoms you are dealing with right now are harsh, think again, you have no idea what it’s like to deal with symptoms of not having a gland at all, especially the thyroid gland.

The body has more than 724 trillion cells and each one relies on thyroid hormones in order to function. If cells don’t receive enough thyroid hormones, each and every single cell activity is slowed down. Which means, poor eye sight and hearing, poor coordination (movements of legs, arms, etc.) muscle aches, poor circulation, hair loss, hair brakeage, thin hair,  slow bowel movements- constipation, poor removal of waste and toxins out of the body which leads to severe health complications, water retention, weight gain, face deformity: swollen eyes, cheeks, neck, legs, feet, and the list just doesn’t stop.

“All cells and body systems are affected and nothing gets a break…”

Slow heart rate, poor thinking and concentration , feeling cold all the time, poor absorption and utilization of nutrition, and of course, extreme fatigue- doesn’t matter how much you rest or sleep, you always feel tired and unmotivated. This is a living nightmare, and it’s essential you fully digest this concept and become aware of what it really means that each and every cell distinctively relies on the thyroid gland and requires it to function well.

What About Thyroid Drugs and Medication?
The idea of taking thyroid hormones replacement in a form of a drug to substitute the activity of the thyroid gland, which will solve all your problems, is wrong and misleading. Not only drugs have side affects but they would never come as close to replace a real tissue or an organ. Ask any person who had their thyroid removed, what it’s like to live without a thyroid, and you wouldn’t find one single individual who would say he or she is happy and has a balanced, normal life.

Not having a thyroid gland, means dealing with hypothyroidism symptoms, which means, either taking drugs for the rest of your life, or working twice as hard to naturally grow healthy thyroid cells.

Yes, it is possible for the body to naturally grow healthy thyroid tissue (which we are going to cover in this article, including a video about this topic) but if you can avoid this process all together, it is a much better option to work on natural solutions to bring the thyroid to a balanced state and avoid any extreme procedure like removing  or radiating the thyroid cells and tissue. 

Hypoechoic Nodule

Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Have a Thyroid

There are a few main scenarios that could potentially result with not having a thyroid gland in its entirely, portions of a gland, deformed thyroid tissue or cells, or poor activity of the gland:

Thyroidectomy – Thyroid Gland Removal Through a Surgical Procedure
Thyroidectomy is a surgical procedure that is promoted by allopathic doctors as a treatment for thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules, cysts, goiter and similar enlargement or inflammation of thyroid cells and tissue. The procedure of removing the thyroid gland may involve with removing the entire gland including the parathyroid glands which are located on the thyroid gland, or removing some bigger or smaller portions of the thyroid gland and tissue.

Thyroidectomy is the most common reason why individuals lose their thyroid gland. This extreme and drastic procedure should never be taken lightly, no matter how many times your doctor did it before, and how many operations he/she does daily, it’s not an in and out simple procedure as many patients are led to believe. At the end of the day, you are going to be the one who is left to live with the results for the rest of your life, and therefore, you should take all the necessary steps to avoid it and look for alternative natural solutions to restore your thyroid health.  

Radioactive Iodine (RA) – Destroying Thyroid Tissue and Cells with Radioactive Iodine
Another allopathic procedure that should be avoided which is promoted to thyroid patients by the allopathic community as a treatment for thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism. This procedure involves with consuming radioactive iodine that destroys all thyroid gland tissue and cells without exception, whether they are healthy or cancerous. NCI study finds long-term increased risk of cancer death following RA treatments.

Medications – Drugs
Medications are drugs and should be treated as drugs, they are synthetic, made in a lab and often come with a long list of side effects. Some drugs used as “treatment” for other health issues directly affect the endocrine system and interfere with the ability of the thyroid gland to make thyroid hormones. Examples include lithium, interferon-alpha, and amiodarone.

Congenital Malformation
Unlike the cases above, where thyroids are being removed or damaged due to allopathic interventions (surgery, radiation or drugs). This is a condition where babies are born with a physical defect that is either caused by a genetic factor or by prenatal events that are not genetic. It can be presented in different parts of the body, such as; the brain, heart, lungs, liver and also the thyroid gland. 

More specially, Congenital Hypothyroidism, is a condition where babies are born either entirely without a thyroid gland or malformed thyroid tissues or cells. The development of cells and tissue were not fully completed during pregnancy and birth and therefore the organ is either missing or isn’t 100% formed.

This is a different scenario from the above cases, however the natural healing approach of detoxification and regeneration of cells is identical, which we are going to discuss below.

Can You Live Without Your Thyroid Gland

What does living without a thyroid look like?

Living without a thyroid means dealing with hypothyroidism symptoms, or in other words dealing with symptoms of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (an underactive thyroid gland), where the thyroid gland produces very little thyroid hormones, or not at all, depends on whether the thyroid gland is missing in its entirely or partially.

Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:

  • Issues with calcium utilization
  • Slow metabolism
  • Cold sensitivity
  • Low body temperature
  • Slow heart rate
  • Joint pain and muscle weakness
  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight
  • Dry skin / Brittle nails
  • Constipation
  • Hair loss/ Thin hair
  • Fatigue / Trouble sleeping /Sleeping more hours / Difficulty waking up.
  • Constipation
  • Gluten sensitivity
  • Depression, sadness, anxiety
  • Brain fog

Some hyperthyroidism symptoms may also occur in hypothyroidism cases

Thyroid Medications and Drugs
The thyroid gland produces three main hormones, triiodothyronine (T3) thyroxine (T4) and calcitonin. Some drugs available in the market such as Levothyroxine, contain the thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4) in a synthetic form. A large portion of T4 is converted to T3 by the liver, in addition, there also other synthetic drugs that contain the thyroid hormone triiodothyronine T3 in cases where there isn’t enough T3 in the blood stream.

When the thyroid gland is missing or underactive, the body depends on external sources of thyroid hormones that can either be found in syntactic drugs like Levothyroxine or some forms of natural desiccated thyroid tissue from an animal such as the drug Armour or glandulars. Armour, unlike Levothyroxine, is a desiccated thyroid tissue that comes from pigs and contains natural forms T4 and T3. A prescription is required for both Levothyroxine and Armour, but not for Glandulars. (You can learn more about over the counter natural glandular and thyroid glandular in our Hypothyroidism self-healing guide where we cover the best natural herbs for Hypothyroidism)

Thyroid drugs are consumed daily, normally around the same time every day. If you skipped a day you should not double the dose the next day, just continue with the regular dose as usual. You will be fine, however if you happen to double dose you may experience harsh hyperthyroidism symptoms (over activity of the gland) and other side effects that must be avoided.

The same applies if you don’t recall if you already taken your daily dose, don’t risk it! Just take your regular dose the next day. Some thyroid medications require you to take them on an empty stomach, in addition, thyroid meds may also interfere with other medications and supplements you take, so make sure you do your research and learn about potential interactions.

The goal should always be not having to rely on any drugs or medication at all, not only drugs are very acidic in nature, cause inflammation and come with a long list of side effects, they also cause dependency, where the glands become weaker and weaker overtime, forcing the body to need higher dosages than before.

However, you may not always have that option, especially if you already removed your thyroid or dealing with severely strong hypothyroidism symptoms. In that case, the body would need to rely on external sources of hormones while you still work on natural healing, of detoxification and regeneration of cells, which will help you reduce drugs dependency over time until you no longer need them.

We recommend working with a thyroid detox specialist who can guide you through the process of natural healing in cases where your thyroid has already been removed. You may also refer to our free guides but may require more support when it comes to regrowing thyroid tissue after surgery.

Regular Follow Up Care
You will need to monitor your thyroid function regularly, especially if you are working on detoxification and regeneration of cells as your thyroid medications will require adjustment. You should always pay attention to your body and notice if you experience any new symptoms, especially hyperthyroidism symptoms, which indicate your current dose is too high and needs to be reduced.

Make yourself a habit of taking a monthly Thyroid Panel with TSH blood test, which can either be provided by your doctor or ordered online. Yes, some states in the US and other parts of the world let you order your own thyroid blood work online, where you can go to the nearest lab to your home like Quest diagnostics without seeing a doctor.

The results are then emailed to you which you can forward to your doctor and request a lower dose of medication. Ask your doctor if he or she can adjust your thyroid medication by forwarding your online blood results or if you are required to physically go to your doctor office for bloodwork.  Some doctors are more flexible than others and are willing to work with your online blood test results.

Natural Thyroid Healing Guide

Let’s dive right to it!

Learn about “The Art and Science of Detoxification & Regeneration of Cells”
In the following video, Dr. Morse shares information about why and how we get sick, hence, what weakens and destroys our cells and what environment our cells require in order to heal.

He addresses the most vital systems and organs of the body: The Great Lymphatic System, The Endocrine System, the connection to weak kidneys and adrenals, the two side of chemistry, Acid vs Alkaline, along with the ideal diet to achieve the ultimate experience of detoxification and regeneration of cells.

All the information you need to know about natural thyroid healing is also covered in our free guides:

Hypothyroidism Self- Healing Guide

How To Heal Hyperthyroidism Naturally With Diet & Herbs

Nodule on Thyroid: Is It Cancer? Natural Health Guide

Dr. Morse Book is available now on Amazon

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Lifestyle Changes
True healing requires lifestyle changes, from an acidic corrosive diet to an alkaline environment of fruits, veggies and herbs, mainly high fruit. Our above guides share in depth information about what is required to naturally heal and regain a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Learn More:

Different Levels of Detoxification
Different Food Processing Time
Animal Protein Diets Health Risks
Gluten, Grains, Legumes, Seeds – Damaged Thyroid Cells & Autoimmune Diseases

Top Selling Book
The Art and Science of Detoxification & Regeneration of Cells

Can You Live Without Your Thyroid?

Generally speaking, yes, you can live without a thyroid or with an underactive thyroid, however there is a much bigger reason why your thyroid isn’t functioning, and if we don’t address the root cause, it is only a matter of time until more and severe symptoms will surface. This is a systemic issue of a stagnant lymphatic system, weak kidneys and adrenals which must be addressed to avoid other health complications and risks.

The most severe complications of not having thyroid hormones are heart related issues, sleep apnea, and even myxedema coma or death. Myxedema coma is a medical term of a rare, life-threatening condition which describes the following symptoms: weakness or lethargy, confusion or non-responsiveness, low body temperature, feeling cold, swelling of the body, especially the face, tongue, and lower legs and difficulty breathing. People who have myxedema coma are normally in or near a coma and not able to function normally.

Keep in mind that the body should express more tolerated hypothyroidism symptoms long before extreme symptoms start taking place, and therefore we should always listen to the symptoms our body presents as it singles us something isn’t right and requires our attention.

You may even live several years without even knowing you have an underactive thyroid, but it is only a matter of time, until more severe symptoms develop, which require attention and care.

What does Life Expectancy look like When Living without a thyroid?

The answer to that question should be evaluated case by case, as people with hypothyroidism or similar thyroid related issues normally deal with or will deal with other health complications as they age and if symptoms are ignored.

Medications do not heal or cure, they simply mask symptoms, sweeping dirt under the carpet, and as a rule of thumb, what isn’t eliminated is accumulated, which is a recipe for disaster.

The last thing we wish to do is to suppress symptoms, just like you wouldn’t ignore your car warning lights and this is a just a car that can be replaced. Here we are talking about your body, the most sacred gift you own, our body is our temple and should be treated accordingly.

We should always strive to heal our body and provide our cells with an alkaline healing environment to thrive.

Final words…

Removing your thyroid through surgery should not be considered as an option, your body needs your thyroid gland in order to function and if your thyroid gland is currently damaged, you can regain health naturally through detoxification & regeneration of cells following an alkaline lifestyle.

If you already removed your thyroid or were born without one, the body can regrow healthy tissue and cells if we only provide it with the ideal environment to do so, by removing all acidic components and shifting to an alkaline environment.

Watch Dr. Morse discussing a case of healthy thyroid tissue grow post-surgery.

We hope we were able to shed a different light by raising awareness about natural thyroid health. No matter how severe your case, you always have a choice and there is no better time than now to start implementing changes to improve your health.

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