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Different Food Processing Time

Different Food Processing Time

If you wish to heal your thyroid or any other organ or area in your body, alkaline diet consisting of fruit, veggies and herbs is the only solution as it is always about how fast we can digest food, take the proper nutrition from it (utilization) and eliminate toxins or other waste products.


How long does it
take to process 
Different foods ?

Fruit: 15-30 minutes in exception of Bananas and Coconuts which may take up to 45 minutes.

Vegetables: 30- 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours

Cooked veggies: 1 ½ hours to 3 hours

Cooked grains: 3 -5 hours

Animal protein: 5-24 hours, even up to 48 hours – The fatter the protein the longer it takes to digest.


What about Starch?

Starchy food such as, bread, flour, rice etc… and animal protein should never be mixed as starch requires alkaline enzymes to get broken down and protein requires acidic enzymes. They would neutralize each other and cause putrefaction.

Starch also has a glue effect as soon as it enters the body creating mucus and an acidic environment.

“It is all about digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination”


The more energy it takes to go throguh all the four stages, the more we exhaust our resources and create an acidic environment, which damages the cells and is the main core of disease.

On the other hand, the faster the body can go through the four stages while leaving energy for other essential metabolic activities the – better it is.

Keep in mind that a cancer cell first wraps itself in excess protein and mucus until it becomes 5 times bigger than a healthy cell, then it multiplies itself repeating the same action.


Cancer Cell VS healthy Cell


When it comes to healing your thyroid or any other organ or area in your body, the goal should always be avoiding mucus forming food while eliminating excess mucus in the body through an alkaline diet, consisting of raw fruit, vegetables and herbs.

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