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Different Levels of Detoxification

Different Levels of Detoxification

If you wish to heal your body from any type of symptom or disease, an Alkaline lifestyle of consuming fruit, veggies and herbs is the only solution, however, even within this group of food, there are different levels of detoxification that will push you faster into a detox state or slow down the detox process. It all depends on how deep and how fast you wish to go.

The goal should always be cleaning and opening the lymphatic system or in other words “Moving Lymphs”.

Deeper levels of detoxification are generally required in cases of a stagnant lymphatic system, especially if your urine is clear without sediment or if you haven’t experienced any healing crisis symptoms.

It is always recommended to start your healing journey with consuming fruit, vegetables and herbs in their raw state for at least two-three weeks, and only then, you may try incorporating deeper levels of detoxification if you wish to push deeper.

#1 Water Fast

Water fasting is a very powerful form of healing that lets your body focus all its energy on detoxification and regeneration of the body VS digestion and elimination.

However, this form of fasting is not recommended for highly depleted and weakened individuals, as the body does need to rely on some sort of energy to keep going.

You should never start a water fast without the proper preparation of eating an only fruit diet as well as breaking the fast the same way.

#2 Mono Fruit Juicing

Mono fruit juicing means only juicing one type of fruit for an extended period of time. You can choose any fruit you like such as apples, grapes or oranges etc… Similar concept to the one above, juicing gives our digestive system a rest so it can focus its energy on detoxifying and healing. Fruits like grapes, apples and oranges are extremely powerful detoxifiers and when are juiced they become even more potent.

However, juice fasting is not always recommended as fibers are essentials to keep the bowels moving, which is one of the main ways of toxins elimination, through the colon. It is also ideal to stay as close as possible to the original form of the fruit, exactly as nature intended for us –  juicing is a processed action after all.

There are some expectations when juice fasting is the only solution, in cases of pancreatic cancer or malabsorption issues when food isn’t being digested and comes out exactly as it came in – you eat an apple you poop an apple. Since the body cannot break down food, juicing may be the only option.

Once the body gets stronger and raw food can be digestated, you may, gradually, start introducing fresh fruit to a point where fresh fruit can get easily digested and processed.

Keep in mind that vegetables structure is more complex (green leaves) which require much more energy to be digested and broken down and therefore should be avoided when working with digestion issues – juicing vegetables on the other hand would be a better way of enjoying the nutrition in vegetables without causing the body too much stress.  

#3 Mono Fruit fast

Old time favorite! Eat one fruit as much as you like- no quantity restrictions, you can pick up a fruit like grapes or apples and eat as much as you want whenever you want.

The human body likes simplicity and there is nothing simpler than eating just one type of fruit. Our body uses the same enzymes in the exact same order to digest and eliminate, which leaves less stress on the body.

Grape fasting would be one of the most common mono fruit fasting which also happens to be the most powerful form of healing (more than juicing and water fasting). Severe cancer cases were able to heal after 40 – 60 days of eating nothing but red dark grapes.

You would be amazed to see what a grape fast can do to your thyroid, especially if your condition is light, you may reverse it in a very short time. Many thyroid cases were able to heal completely on a 40-day grape fast and even the hardest cases were able to reduce their thyroid medication by 50% on a short grape fast.

Fruit & Vegetables are not the same!

Fruit and vegetables and their processing forms are not made equal.
In the chart below, you can see that Fruit Juice Fast, meaning mixing a few different types of fruits like, pineapple, mango and lemons is listed after Mono Juice Fast and Mono Fruit Fast, as the body prefers simplicity when it comes to digestion and utilization.

Fruit Smoothies (mixing a few fruit) get a higher rank than just eating all type of fruit as it seems that the process of blending does help digestion.

Fruits are more than 1,000 times energetically charged than vegetables!

You can also see than green smoothies and juices (vegetables only), salads and raw vegetables are at the bottom of the chart. Even though, veggies have alkalizing properties, their healing energy is not close to be as strong as fruit.

“The healing crisis process is essential when it comes to detoxification
 It’s our body natural way of healing”

Since fruit and vegetables in their different forms have different levels of detoxification, you can move down and up the chart to decrease or accelerate your detox process. The goal should always be hitting the “Healing Crisis” phase as this is when you know you are deep enough to detox. 

If you have been consuming a raw fruits and vegetables diet for a while and haven’t experienced any healing crisis symptoms (clear urine), it means your kidneys are not filtering and lymphs are not moving, if that is the case, you may wish to consider a 24 hour dry fast.

Remember that the healing crisis process is essential when it comes to detoxification- It’s our body natural way of healing.

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