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Dry & Water Fasting- Everything You Need To Know

Dry & Water Fasting- Everything You Need To Know

Water and Dry fasting are the most powerful forms of fasting, as they let the body rest from the process of digestion and elimination. The body then can focus all its energy on detoxification and other essential activities such as breathing, moving, etc…


Water Fast

Water fasting means drinking water and nothing but water for an extended time and can take anywhere from 12 hours and go as long as months.

Teas, sparkling water and similar beverages are not allowed – simply just regular water, ideally distilled water from a glass or a glass bottle which is the cleanest form of water and way of drinking.

You may distill your own water with a kitchen counter water distiller, which is a very comfortable and affordable way of making your water at home in less than 6 hours.

You may also buy water from a local water store or any local grocery or department store. Distilled water is normally sold in plastic bottles. Even though Avoiding plastic in our drinking water is somewhat inevitable you may wish to move the water into a glass jar for storage.

Glass is even safer than stainless steel as copper, one of the ingredients in stainless steel, tend to migrate into the water. Regardless if you are trying to fast or heal you should get yourself an affordable safe glass water bottle for your daily water drinking.

In thyroid cases, drinking clean distilled water is extremely essential as tap water, purified water and more carry fluoride which highly toxic for the thyroid and must be avoided at any cost!


Dry Fast

Dry fasting means not drinking or eating anything at all. The main key in this fast is rest, no to do anything at all other than allowing your body to heal. Dry fasts can be short as 6 hours and go up to 48 hours.

Unlike water fasting, dry fast is not an extended fast as you can push your body into detoxification quickly and effectively in a very short period of time.

How to start?

Dry and water fasts are not always recommended, especially if you are on a high protein/fat diet consuming processed/ cooked food or dairy or trying to transition to an alkaline diet. They are also not recommended for depleted people or animals as the body has no source of energy to rely on.

Fasting requires preparation and when done right could be a powerful addition to your healing journey.

You may start your short dry fast or extended water fast at least a week in advance, eating ONLY fruit, with a little bit of veggies. Definitely no nuts and seeds.

One option would be, 4 days of fruit following by 3 days of juicing, following by 1-3 days of water fasting or up to 24 hours of dry fasting.

If you jump right away into an extended water fast of  15 and more  (sometimes even less), you may face some serious healing crisis symptoms such as vomiting, body aches, vision issues, extreme fatigue and more, that will force you to stop the fast.

Keep in mind that being sick means a clogged lymphatic system, which means toxins are circulating inside the body trying to get out in every possible way, such as skin, kidneys and also nose, mouth and ears and therefore, vomiting and mucus are very common during fasting.


How to break a fast?

Breaking a fast should always be done with juicing or eating a watermelon- due to its high water content. If the watermelon is too harsh on your stomach, try mangos instead.

You should eat fruit for at least 75% of the water fast time. For instance, if you were water fasting for 10 days, you want to follow by 7 days of eating fruit and juices before consuming any cooked food.

Under no circumstances eat cooked food to break a water fast. There are a few cases of people eating cooked potatoes, meat and other cooked food who ended up dying- The body just cannot take all this stress at once.

Most importantly listen to your body. Your body will tell you when it is time to break the fast. Always start fasting gradually until your comfortable enough to increase the time.

Balance is always the key…

Here at ThyroidAid, we do not promote water fasting to heal a condition and especially not for the purpose of weight loss. Yes, you will lose weight on an extended water fast, however normally all the weight comes back and sometimes with extras.

Juice fasting or mono fasting (eating only one fruit like a grape fast or watermelon fast) are a much better option with better healing & weight loss results.

On the other hand, many individuals enjoy a 24 hour dry fast once a weak as a super powerful boost while other may go up to 36 or 48 hours when dealing with a stagnated lymph system.

Dry and water fasting can be an amazing process that could also get quite dangerous if aren’t approached right and therefore should always be done with care and with the supervision of a health care professional.


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