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How My Mind & Emotions Affect My Physical Health?

How My Mind & Emotions Affect My Physical Health?

Negative emotions, such as, anger, fear, hate, jealousy and similar, can make our physical bodies sick and full of disease.

Eating an alkaline diet is huge but not enough by itself to heal a disease.

In fact, it will be very hard to stick with an alkaline diet or anything else that requires awareness, when our minds and emotions are not in the right place.

Negative emotions are stored in the liver and kidneys, they block digestion (pancreatic functions) and other glandular functions that are responsible for a balanced hormonal environment.

Negative emotions also shut down our minds, to a point where we don’t think properly, we are unable to comprehend and make rational decisions.

If that is not enough, negative emotions also close off the heart centers, and once the heart center is closed, it drastically lowers the chances of getting healthy to a point of death.

This is a very complex issue when we are unable to let go of negative past experiences which consciously and subconsciously affect everything we are.

The inability of letting go and enjoying every moment for what it is, has a direct effect on opening our heart centers to reach optimal health.

Love, happiness, joy, health and mental control all keep the heart open.

Unhappiness, depression, despair, anger, jealousy, rage, and similar shut down and block vital organs and metabolic activities.

The more awareness we have about how certain things affect us, the easier and faster we can let go of destructive thoughts and emotional patterns that make us sick.


Creates stress and constricts the blood and lymphatic flow within the body. It shuts down the liver and pancreas, affecting digestion. It overstresses the adrenal glands causing hormone and neurotransmitter release. All this causes acidosis- the best environment for disease development.


It increases the blood and lymphatic flow, improves digestion and kidney elimination and alkalizes our bodies.

Anger Obstructs and Restricts


Love Opens and Expends

The End Result-

Anger Causes Disease

Love Heals

But first we need to learn how to love ourselves so we can love others.

Cancer is when one cell takes more to itself than what it really needs.

We can see the cancer in our society and economy which is a reflection of what happens in our bodies.

The healing process happens on so many layers and global healing cannot take place before individual Internal healing does.

The goal is to love others the way we love ourselves.

Can you imagine a perfect world like this?

It may take a few moments to get there, but we can start, here, at home, with our “smaller world” which is sometimes everything we know anyway.

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