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Hypoechoic Nodule On Thyroid: Is It Cancer? Natural Health Guide

Hypoechoic Nodule On Thyroid: Is It Cancer? Natural Health Guide

What is A hypoechoic nodule?

Hypoechoic Nodule On Thyroid: Is it Cancer? Next Steps, Outlook | Natural Healing Guide

Hypoechoic thyroid nodule or hypoechoic lesion is a thyroid nodule that appears darker than usual during an ultrasound exam, and is believed to be consisted of a solid substance. Unlike benign thyroid nodule, such as a colloid nodule or follicular adenomas, which are consisted of thyroid fluids.

There isn’t enough research published on this matter, however, the solid nodule consistency that makes the thyroid nodule darker is most likely a stagnated lymph fluid that hardened and become solid over time.

Is it cancer?

A thyroid nodule is  a lump on or in the thyroid gland, they are often left unnoticed or undiagnosed. Most thyroid nodules are benign; however, some thyroid nodules can develop into malignant nodules.

The possibility of malignancy (cancerous nodule) is rather low, as more than 95 percent of thyroid nodules are benign (noncancerous). Even in cases of multiple nodules, the malignancy risk is still relatively low.

Cancerous thyroid nodules are often referred as malignant thyroid nodules which is the opposite of benign thyroid nodules (non-cancerous).

Malignant thyroid nodules are determined based on presence of microcalcifications and not based on the thyroid nodule size. 

The natural environment of calcium in the body is the bones and teeth, as about 95% of the body’s calcium is found in the bones. On the other hand, Calcification is a process in which calcium gradually builds up and accumulated in body tissue and soft tissue rather than its natural environment.  

It is important to note that calcium is also one of the main ways in which the body fights acidosis / inflammation. If we can naturally reduce inflammation (which we discuss in more depth below), the body wouldn’t feel the need to overcompensate by pulling calcium from the bones.

The body never makes mistakes and will always try to balance itself to avoid greater disruptions.

“Cancer – Just another word for damaged cells”

Cancer or thyroid cancer is just a word for damaged cells – it’s what damages the cells and thyroid gland that is essential to understand and go after, which is our “The lymphatic system”, our body’s Great Sewer System that deals with cleaning the body from acids, toxins cellular waste, and much more.

Consider a thyroid nodule no different than a nodule in the lung, colon, prostate or anywhere else, when you start to see swelling, a pimple, boil, cyst or tumor – this is an indication of a Lymphatic Blockage/Stagnation and clogged lymph nodes.

You may also find an enlarged and swollen lymph node or lymph nodes in different areas of the body when the lymph system is overloaded with toxins, parasites, weakened cells from acidosis, mucus and metabolic wastes.

Hypoechoic Nodule

How Nodules Are Formed?

Our body is the most sophisticated machine ever created, it makes no mistakes and would always do everything it can to keep a balanced ecosystem, which means optimum health.

All cells, like all living creations, require nutrients = food, and to eliminate waste = poop 😊 The Great Lymphatic System’s job (sewer system) is to eliminate waste from around the cells area and keep it clean so our cells can stay healthy.

Cellular waste is highly acidic and must be removed away from the cells in order not to damage them, and when the lymphatic system is clogged and unable to remove the waste, the body must come with a plan B, which is creating pockets of fluid, often called, cysts, nodules, boils, pimples, lumps, etc… The body protects itself by isolating acid and chemistry that could hurt the cells and puts them into little pockets.

Nodules are coming interstitially, right out of the tissue and are full of interstitial fluids = acid fluid from the cell (cellular waste), it is a protection mechanism of the thyroid gland to fight thyroid malignancy and inflammation.

Upper body nodules, such as the thyroid gland nodules, may also indicate an upper body stagnation, where the entire head can be involved. This normally happens when the kidneys and adrenals are down and not filtering.

“What we put in our body directly affects the way our body reacts”

Food is Medicine

Why Do We Get Sick?

  • Diet and toxic habits: Different foods / chemistry of food impact the body in different ways.
  • Genetics: determine the areas/ organs that are weaker and therefore prone to show more symptoms. That is the reason why one person may show blood sugar irregularity such as diabetes,  while another may deal with skin related issues, such as psoriasis.

One cannot think he/she got sick just because, it’s all about what you have been doing with your life up until this point. The diet, toxic habits, what we breathe, put on our skin and even the tooth paste we use.

Number #1 Cause –
Acidic diet

It’s essential to understand the role of the lymphatic system and why we get these cysts, pimples, lumps or nodules.

One of the most crucial factors about food is how it affects the pH of the body. Foods can be divided into two basic categories: foods that have an acid reaction in the body and foods that have an alkaline reaction. This is not necessarily based on the pH of the food itself, it is based on the PH of the food once it used by the cells.

Acid-forming foods reduce, inhibit or stop the detoxification process. They are inflammatory and mucus-forming to the body, ultimately causing tissue failure.

On the other hand, Alkalinity is the great detoxifier of the body, and therefore alkaline- forming foods will detoxify and regenerate the body, unclog the lymphatic system and lymph nodes. The more alkaline-forming the food is, the greater and deeper the body will detoxify and regenerate. Fruits, in general, are a wonderful example of high alkaline-forming foods.

Foods can either feed, clean and rebuild, or can destroy. Some foods fill the body full of mucus, congestion and inflammation. Let your foods be your health and medicine, not the cause of your symptoms or “dis-ease”. 

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The Art and Science of Detoxification & Regeneration of Cells

Acid – Forming Foods

Acidic forming foods are normally compared to fire. They are mainly protein (amino-acid-rich) foods. These foods include all animal products such as: meats, eggs, and dairy and also strong structures such as grains, beans, nuts, seeds, are very acidic.

Most animal protein foods are irritants to the mucosa and cells of the body, triggering an immune response. This causes the lymphatic system and mucosa to respond with mucus and lymph cells.

Foreign proteins that enter the body, such as in food, cause mucus production all through the body, creating congestive issues. The more we consume, the more congestion we create, and the more we create, the more we store, until the sinuses, throat, lungs, and ears become congested.

The intestines, such as GI Tract also become saturated with this mucus. This also brings parasites, and creates inflammation, all of which affect the body’s ability to stay balanced and function properly. Congestion and inflammation, if not addressed, eventually lead to cellular death.

One of the main causes of congestion and inflammation are animal products, especially, dairy. The proteins in dairy, such as cheese and milk are so abrasive to body tissues that many people can feel their sinuses, throat, lungs, ears and becoming congested as they drink or eat these foods.

Congestion will slowly start to impair the function of the tissues and damage the cells in the areas where mucus is stored or pushed deeper within the body. The Lymphatic system, (mainly in the lymph nodes) is responsible for storing and filtering these toxins.

The body is constantly trying to eliminate congestion through the nose, mouth, sweat, etc… processes that are sometimes addressed as colds and flus, bronchitis, sneezing, and coughing. These are examples of how the body gets rid of mucus.

Allopathy / The conventional medical sector which dominates our market these days, promote the effort by the body to eliminate these toxins and mucus as “dis-eases” instead of part of the body’s defense mechanism. Pharmaceuticals are also extremely acidic in nature, and suppress mucus instead of helping it leave the body.

Many people who eat acidic foods deal with inflammation, ulcerations, congestive disorders, and of course cancer. Very sadly, Lymphatic cancers are still extremely high in the U.S.

Remember: what we don’t eliminate, we accumulate. This eventually leads to chronic and degenerative issues, not to mention simple boils or tumor masses, nodules, cysts, pimples, etc..


Alkaline – Forming Foods

Alkaline forming foods are normally compared to winter. They cool and soothe inflammation, heal ulcerations and enhance cellular functions.

The human body is primely alkaline as most of our bodily fluids are (or should be) alkaline, including the blood, urine, saliva synovial fluids, cerebral fluids and the digestive enzymes.

When these fluids become acidic, we get sick – symptoms show up where deterioration and death of cells can result. The stomach is the only exception, it is the only acid chamber in the body, where proteins are initially broken down.

It is vital to consume alkaline-forming foods if we wish to detoxify and regenerate our cells. Alkalization is the key success when it comes to healing.

It is rather impossible to properly alkalize the body without consuming raw, ripe, living foods. Alkaline forming foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, are the most natural and most intrinsic food of humans.

Removing Nodules Naturally
with Diet & Herbs

The body likes simplicity

All foods we eat go through the process of digestion, absorption utilization and elimination. The fastest the body can move through the four stages without causing much stress the better, as it means more time to focus on detoxification and regeneration.

Fruits have the fastest digestion time. They breakdown very fast, sometimes in less than 15 minutes, causing zero stress, while leaving the body nourished and clean vs other foods that have longer processing time.

The Energy of Food

Getting a nodule out is no different than getting any other tumor out, it requires an alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables. If you wish to speed up the cleansing process, fruits and vegetables must be consumed their raw form – uncooked and unprocessed. Make sure to get our free Thyroid meal plan by subscribing.

Whole Living Foods

Fresh fruits are the strongest form of detoxification, they have the highest amounts of antioxidants and astringent properties of all foods. Their simple sugar found in fruit, fruticose, is extremely powerful, and doesn’t spike blood sugar level.

Fruits enhance the vitality of cells faster than any other food, and without causing stress and much less digestive effort. Fruit also have the highest electrical properties of any food. The energies in raw fruits are so high that they speed up neuron transport and endocrine function.

Fruits and veggies are not the same and have different detoxification levels. In addition, different fruit combination may also affect the healing process. Mono fruit fasting, normally have the best results, such as grape fast, watermelon or an apple fast in the winter.  Learn about different levels of detoxification for best results

Take it easy…

Because raw fruits are so powerful in detoxifying and restoring vitality it is essential to note that one can detoxify too fast, which can push him/her into healing crisis. Healing crisis symptoms may range in severity and are essential in order to heal. 

Severe healing crisis symptoms normally happen when an individual goes cold turkey from a typical SAD diet of dairy foods, flesh foods and toxic chemicals to a highly pure and cleansing one of fresh, raw fruits.

A fruit diet is very astringent and will stir up the toxins and mucus in the body in an aggressive manner, which may leave you with some noticeable side effects. Don’t be alarmed, the healing crisis simply means the body is purging and healing.

Instead of jumping into a fruit diet right away, one can combine all-raw food diet of both fruits and vegetables for a few weeks, this will allow for a much slower and generally easier transition and cleansing process.

Once we provide our body with an alkaline environment, it will start eliminating anything that should not be in it.

Don’t expect to experience healing symptoms or cleaning the body overnight. We have toxins stored in deep tissue from as far back as when we were in our mother’s womb. However, we have seen nodules disappear in 30 days lymphomas disappear in forty-five days, stomach cancer gone in fifty-nine days, diabetes eliminated in sixty days on fruit, and much more!


Life is a constant process of consuming and eliminating, as all cells must eat and eliminate. The body constantly detoxifies at one level or another; especially when we consume fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

The body will keep digging deeper and deeper within itself, cleansing and restoring proper functions as we keep nourish it with alkaline foods. Most of this processing then becomes very gentle. We won’t even notice anything going on, except for occasional symptoms of mucus discharge, cold-type symptoms, or aches and pains. The body is amazingly designed and highly intelligent.

Fruits- keep it alkaline

Procedures to Avoid:

If a hypoechoic nodule shows up on your ultrasound, allopathic doctors will likely offer a biopsy and perhaps even surgery.

biopsy –

Fine needle aspiration Biopsy

When a thin needle is inserted into the thyroid nodule, scraping a sample of the thyroid tissue or fluid in order to find or rule out evidence of malignancy.

The main health risk with having a biopsy is popping the nodule letting lymph fluid/acids spread around the cells, damaging the cells.

The exact same defense mechanism, where the body creates nodules, lumps, cysts, etc. which are pockets of fluids, to protect the cells from lymph fluids/acids, is now compromised by having too much acids spreading around the cells, damaging the cells.

Keep in mind that the body will always do everything it can to protect itself by keeping acids away from the cells and biopsy or any other invasive tool should be avoided, especially among former thyroid cancer patients who had nodules removed in the past.

Removing thyroid nodule isn’t the solution

Removing a benign nodule or a malignant nodule may sound a like a quick and easy fix for some, however, it does not mean removing the root cause, it basically means removing the symptom.

It doesn’t matter if a thyroid nodule is a benign or cancerous – Thyroid cancer, only means acids – cellular waste have been breaking down the cells and damaged the cells.

Even though benign thyroid nodules do not normally transform into thyroid cancer such papillary thyroid or papillary thyroid carcinoma, or cause medullary thyroid carcinoma (most common thyroid cancer), over time, if diet isn’t addressed,  some benign thyroid nodule could show evidence of malignancy, while tumors in the brain or other places may appear.  This isn’t just about the thyroid or thyroid cancer; this is a systemic problem.

Other thyroid related issues may also appear, such as; thyroid hormone imbalances, multinodular goiter, and more.

Most malignant thyroid tumors, such papillary and follicular carcinoma are well- differentiated thyroid cancer and are considered low risk. Well-differentiated means the cancer cells didn’t change much from their original form and resemble the normal cells from which they grew. Well- differentiated cancers take more time to grow (develop slowly) and have a better prognosis than undifferentiated cancers, which tend to be more aggressive.

Half of the people in the world have nodules or thyroid nodules, you just want to back them down and make sure they don’t grow or develop into papillary thyroid cancer, which is the most common form of thyroid cancer or thyroid damaged cells or Follicular thyroid cancer which is the second most common type of thyroid cancer.

If we choose to ignore the reason the body creates nodules and continue consuming an acidic diet, the body will keep creating nodules, cysts, lumps, boils, pimples, etc. to protect itself.

There is always a risk of damaging the thyroid and parathyroid during a thyroid surgery and removing tissue should never be the goal.

We want to get to the root cause of nodules for all the other reasons that come along with that.

Safe Procedures:

Blood Test
Allopathic doctors may do a blood test to check your hormone levels, which can indicate whether your thyroid is working properly. You can also order your own blood work online without seeing a doctor, or even get a thyroid blood test delivered to your door.

Thyroid Ultrasound
Ultrasound or a sonography exam is normally ordered in all thyroid cases, regardless if nonpalpable thyroid nodules or palpable nodule are found during a physical neck and thyroid examination. Palpable simply means something that can be touched or felt.

Ultrasound is a safe, painless, noninvasive procedure (unlike biopsy), producing images of organs with sound waves. Ultrasound imaging is also called sonography or ultrasound scanning. Unlike x-rays, Ultrasound exams do not use radiation and therefore are considered a safe option.


What else can I do?

Other than changing your diet to an alkaline diet of fruits & veggies, mainly high fruit, and perhaps incorporating herbs, make sure to also:

Get yourself to sweat!!! it may get hard to sweat in hypothyroidism cases, wearing more layers, steam saunas or dry saunas can trigger the body to sweat and eliminate more toxins.

Time to relax…
Make time for relaxation and rest. Contemplate, do yoga and Tai Chi, this the time to empower, not spit out energy. Time to awaken and build energy, build that nerve force in the body. Relax and meditate, give yourself a big hug and love yourself, bring in that healing energy to flow through you. Allow yourself to relax and rest. 


Outlook (Summary)

Thyroid nodules seem to be very common and benign in most cases. If an allopathic doctor found a hypoechoic nodule during an ultrasound, they would most likely recommend a biopsy, following a surgery.

It is essential we educate ourselves about other alternatives that are less invasive and less harmful, such as changing our diet and our lifestyle. While it may not be suitable or adopted by all, it is essential we understand that not addressing the root cause of why the body feels the need to protect itself in the first place, by creating these pockets, would only lead to worse issues in the future.

What we eat, drink, breathe, or put on our skin becomes our food or our poison. Our physical bodies were ideally designed to consume fresh fruit and veggies in their raw form. Everything else, acidic in nature, from toxic chemicals, minerals, metals, and the like, are considered foreign pathogens that inflame, stimulate, irritate or kill our cells.

We personally recommend a 100% raw food diet (preferably high fruit) for any type of nodule reduction. However, since this type of diet will detoxify the body very quickly, highly toxic individuals who presently use a lot of chemical medications are advised to slowly and gradually transition into a raw diet.

Hard cancer cases, or spinal and neurological cases, should move right away toward consuming a diet of 100% raw foods, ideally fruit and herbs. Fruits are the best regenerators of brain and nerve tissue, and for removing cancer from the body, especially grapes.

A diet of 80% raw and 20% cooked food will still rebuild you and clean the body out, to a certain degree. However, the body will eventually reach a point where it might need to detoxify even deeper. This is especially true in regenerating genetic weaknesses. The most important thing to remember is to keep it alkaline. The more acid-forming foods you consume, the more acidic you become and therefore more nodules can appear.

It is all about perspective!

Health should be fun and not a task. We are fortunate enough to experience one of the most beautiful processes of nature, natural true healing. You are letting your body rebuild itself to become new again.

It may not be easy at first, but as you go, you will build more and more self-discipline, which will make it much easier for you to become whole and alive. Don’t settle for less than optimum health. Keep it simple and and don’t allow anyone to stop you. Become free of all disease.

Today, health must be earned. There are no quick fixes or magical pills, and there never will be. What chemical could clean, alkalize and rebuild tissue? The body doesn’t even like to have a wood splinter in it, let alone toxic chemicals.

Don’t let the nodule size or big medical terms scare you such as carcinoma, palpable thyroid nodule, nonpalpable nodules, papillary carcinoma, anaplastic thyroid carcinoma or medullary thyroid cancer (and the list goes on and on). All these terms simply mean too much acids inside the body that can’t get out. Keep it simple, stick to a raw high fruit alkaline diet for the ultimate detoxification and regeneration experience.

If we want to be healthy, we must eat healthy, live healthy, breathe healthy, think healthy and know yourself as healthy. Have fun on your journey into health, as this is so much more than a physical healing journey.

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