To understand that, let’s take a look at nature.

When an animal dies in nature, the first thing we witness is flies coming over to feed, second would be the parasites kingdom. Parasites feed of decay and dead cells, they play a vital rule in nature as cleaners, without them we would be surrounded by dead animals.

Parasites do not feed of healthy cells, otherwise you would see us getting attacked from the outside and get eaten alive.

Parasites play a vital role in nature as they remove weakened cells to make room for healthy and strong cells to survive.

In our nature the strong will always survive over the weak and dead cells must be removed in order for this to happen”

Under that note, candida only feeds of fermentation and dead cells, it’s here to help us keep the rest of the body balanced. In order for us to stop the feeding of dead cells we first must give our body the proper nutrients for the cells to thrive and not die.

To test that, leave some fresh apples, along with cheese and meat on your kitchen counter over night.

Come the next morning and see what happened to each one.

The apples would stay the same, as they are alive and full of energy and what do you think would happen to the meat or cheese ?

If you have candida ask yourself what is your diet consisting of, are you mainly eating animal protein, dairy, bread and cooked grains?3

Is fruit sugar bad for me

Those are all considered dead and fermented food.

You are basically having a candida feast and most likely some other types of warms from small to big.

To stop this cycle one must first give the cells the proper nutrients which comes from an alkaline diet of eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

As soon as those guys will have nothing to eat, they will be leaving your body through the colon and out.

Fruit sugar is your best way out of this.