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Proper Fruit Combination For Thyroid Health

Proper Fruit Combination For Thyroid Health

Fruits provide the most powerful form of healing energy, they are packed with nutrients and get easily digested, leaving the body energized and stress free.

If you wish to heal your body from any type of thyroid related symptoms or other forms of dis-ease such as, cancer, MS, Diabetes, Psoriasis, etc.. an alkaline diet consisting of fruit, veggies and herbs (especially fruits and herbs) is your number one solution.

However, not all fruits are made equal as some fruit carry stronger healing components than others and therefore fruits are divided into four main categories based on texture, water content and over all structure:

1. Sweet

2. Acid

3. Sub-acid

4. Melons

Sweet fruit and acidic fruit do not mix well based on processing time and what enzymes are
required for digestion.

When mixing certain fruit that do not work together such as sweet and acid, it causes Fermentation in the stomach by creating alcohol in the stomach. For instance, mixing bananas (sweet) with oranges (acid) which especially needs to be avoided when dealing with ulcers, or other digestion issues.

can be
mixed together?

1. Sub Acid & Acid fruit work well together such as, apples, citruses, pineapples, berries etc…

2. Sub Acid & Sweet also work well together, such as bananas and apples.

3. Acid and Sweet- Don’t work well together, such as sweet bananas with oranges or a pineapple with dates or raisins.

Remember to always leave Melons alone! Melons digest relativity fast (less than 15 minutes) and should be always eaten alone.

What about fruit salads?

You can still enjoy a nice fruit salad but leave sweet fruit out such as: bananas, all

dried fruit, persimmons etc.. Go for an acid-sub acid salad such as: citruses,
kiwis, pineapple, apples, grapes, mango, berries…

You can also mix sweet and sub-acid fruit such as bananas with mangos, or apples, grapes, pears.

Watermelons- eat them alone or leave them alone!


Always remember the body likes simplicity and if you are trying to heal, the most powerful form of healing would be Mono Meals, consuming just one fruit as a meal. For instance, you can have as much watermelon as you like for breakfast, as many apples as you like for lunch and as much grapes you like for dinner.

As fruit digest rather quickly, waiting 25 minutes in between meals should be more than sufficient.

The most powerful form of healing takes place with high water content fruit, such as grapes, oranges, watermelons, etc…On the other hand, sweet fruit such as bananas and persimmons are considered as the “Meat” of nature which don’t have as powerful healing energy but can keep you fuller for longer.

It is very common for individuals who are transitioning into a raw food alkaline diet to consume more of the sweet fruit at the beginning. Just keep in mind that it may slow down the detox process, but still it’s 100 times better than consuming none fruit or veggies products, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you are craving sweets like chocolate or other processed sugary products, try some dried fruit instead,  such dates and figs as a substitute, they will provide with all the comfort you need, but again in moderation as those are not your “Cleaners”.

However, when dealing with autoimmune, depression, cancer etc… it is recommended to stay away from sweet fruits or minimize them to one serving a week as sweet fruit do not
detoxify as well as high water content fruit such as acid, sub acid and melons.

Acid and Sub acid foods are the main cleaners that push into a detox and healing mode. On the other hand, sweet food, will provide the emotional comfort we may need without leaving an acidic waste.

If you still eat cooked food while transitioning into an alkaline diet of raw fruits, veggies and herbs, do not mix fruit with a meal or after a meal and make sure to familiarize yourself with different types of food processing time.

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And remember… Proper Fruit Combination is a staple in making yourself feeling better.

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