There is nothing better for our body than eating fruit, but did you know that not all fruit are made equal?

Fruits are divided into 4 main categories based on texture, water content and over all structure?

1. Sweet

2. Acid

3. Sub-acid

4. Melons

Sweet fruit and acidic fruit do not mix well based on processing time and what enzymes are required for digestion.

When you mix certain fruit that do not work together, this process called Fermentation which is, yes, like having alcohol in your stomach.

So what can be mixed together?

Sub acid and acid fruit can work well together such as, apples, citruses, pineapples, berries etc… You don’t want to mix acid and sweet fruit such as bananas with oranges or a pineapple with dates or raisins.

You can still enjoy a nice fruit salad but leave sweet fruit out such as: bananas, all dried fruit, persimmons etc.. Go for an acid-sub acid salad such as: citruses, kiwis, pineapple, apples, grapes, mango, berries… You can also mix sweet and sub-acid fruit such as bananas with mangos, or apples, grapes, pears.

If you are really trying to shake off autoimmune, depression, cancer etc…stay away from sweet fruits or minimize them to one serving a week as sweet fruit do not detoxify as well as high content water fruit such as acid, sub acid and melons.

Proper Fruit Combination

If you are already eating #clean and feel amazing you are more than welcome to eat as much as you like and give yourself a good pat on the shoulder, you deserve it!

And remember to always eat melons alone.

Proper fruit combination is a staple in making yourself feeling better.

If you eat cooked food definitely do not mix fruit with a meal or after a meal.

Try to start your day with fruit, juice or a smoothie and later on eat something heavier.