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Spirit, Mind & Thyroid Health

Spirit, Mind & Thyroid Health

The process of thinking is essential in many ways, it allows us to learn new things, make plans, grow and much more but at the same time it can be very destructive, as it prevents us from being present and focus on the now.

Nothing really exists other than what we experience at a given moment and it’s completely up to us how we wish to shape the “now”. During physical detoxification our cells get to receive a very special healing power that flows through our mental, emotional and physical body bringing awareness and vibrancy to each and every cell in us.

keep in mind that our cells are just like you and me, they are alive and each one has its own consciousness that works synergistically with all other cells, just like the way we work with others around us.

Once this amazing magnetic energy is received by our cells it begins to spread awareness and consciousness allowing old patterns and emotions to surface and to finally be released and forgotten.

It allows us to become more aware, to start watching our thoughts, by stepping away from them and by becoming the observer, so we can stop thinking about the outcome of our thoughts, other people’s opinions and emotions and to, simply, let go.

This is an amazing journey of letting go of all the negative emotions and mental chains and allowing ourselves to be free.

Letting our spirit, God, universe or whatever you believe in, to take over and guide us to a higher state of consciousness, awareness and vibrancy, but most importantly it is the only way to achieve true freedom and balance.

Feed our cells with the best so we can be the best.

  1. Where You Place Your Attention Is Where You go

“You Are The Intention”

Where are you going today?

Where you are going now?

Do you allow yourself to be present?

Or is the mind taking over being all over the place?

Take a few moments to yourself, close your eyes, listen to the beautiful sounds around you.

Nothing exists other than this perfect moment.

Be now

Be present

I am getting stronger and stronger every day

Your soul already knows the perfect state of balance, is only the mind that needs to be reminded.

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