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The Effects of Synthetic Drugs & Over The Counter Supplements

The Effects of Synthetic Drugs & Over The Counter Supplements

Synthetic drugs, vitamins and minerals and other synthetic supplements, as their name suggests – are synthetic, which means, components that are being produced in a lab by using synthetic elements.  

There is no difference between synthetic drugs and synthetic vitamins or minerals when it comes to how they effect the body.  Introducing any synthetic components to our body will always have a negative impact, from acidosis, stress and inflammation to physical, mental and emotional dependency.

As a rule of thumb, the body requires synergy in order to operate and can only use vitamins & minerals that work synergistically together and come from a natural source such as, fruit, vegetables and herbs.

For instance, when you eat an apple it has the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals and also a perfect balance of simple sugars (simple carbohydrates) , amino acids (simple amino acids) and amino fats (simple fats). This way, the body easily breaks down those components and utilizes its main source of energy (ATP) as nutrition without causing any stress to body.

On the other hand, when consuming synthetic products especially in their isolated state, such as just iron supplements or calcium and magnesium etc… not only it distresses the body as the body has nothing to do with that, it creates an acidic environment that takes the body completely out of balance which is the main causes of disease.

In addition, you will find that many minerals and vitamins may reduce the absorption of others, for instance high doses of Calcium and Magnesium will significantly reduce the absorption of other minerals if are consumed together and therefore are instructed to be taken alone. Also, high dosses of Zinc will affect the absorption of Copper.

When you consume natural unprocessed ingredients, such as fruit, vegetables and herbs, the doses of vitamins and minerals are in a perfect synergteic balance, where all the essential elements complete each other for an optimal absorption.

At the same time, when consuming synthetic vitamins and minerals, the majority of the active ingredients cannot be utilized by our body and simply leave the body as fast as they came in, therefore when consuming vitamins B you can notice how your urine changes its color to a glowing green, basically creating a very expansive pee full of vitamins and minerals

“It’s not about consumption- it’s about utilization”

When the body is balanced it also creates and converts its own vitamins and minerals. We don’t really need too much of those anyway.

However, when the body is acidic, we start to notice deficiencies as the body uses whatever it can to heal itself. A very common one is calcium. Cholesterol, calcium and water (alkaline) are the main sources of the body to fight inflammation, and in an acidic environment the body pulls calcium from the bones ( relatively easy and a fast process) to protect itself.

Now some doctors will tell you to take more calcium supplements, which is NOT treating the cause. What we need to do first is to reduce inflammation/acid levels so the body wouldn’t feel the need to take calcium out of your joints and bones.

Always remember that our body is an amazing machine it does everything it can to overcompensate so something worse wouldn’t happen. Always treat the cause not the symptoms.

The only exception would be with Vitamin D3, as this vitamin acts more like a hormone and is extremely essential in the process of healing the thyroid. First, make sure to check your blood for vitamin D deficiency and if needed, you should only take high quality Vitamin D3 (never D2 as the body cannot use it) for a limited time only, until levels are balanced- No need to over consume!

In hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) cases, doctors would normally prescribe Synthroid such as levothyroxine or Armuer medications, which are T4 and T3 hormones to increase the level of TSH production (Thyroid Stimulating hormone).

In hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid) cases, doctors would normally prescribe Propylthiouracil (PTU) and methimazole along with beta blockers.

The problem with consuming synthetic thyroid medications (other than creating an acidic environment -root of all disease) is that, overtime, it reduces the natural production of TSH by making the thyroid gland lazier.

Why should I clean the house if I have someone to do it for me?
Same concept here, why should I produce or less produce my own TSH or thyroid hormones if something already does it for me? For that reason, (and a few more) most thyroid weaknesses get worse with time and therefore thyroid medications doses are being increased, which creates more and more dependency.

It does not mean you should stop taking your thyroid medication  – it is not one of those cases that would make you seem like a strong person by going cold turkey. It is not like quitting cigarettes, alcohol or other drugs.  

Reducing your thyroid medications should be done gradually, only once you tested your TSH levels along with T4, T3 and antibodies or by getting to know your symptoms, what your body is telling you,  which indicate Hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid), Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) or a balanced state according to thyroid symptoms on your thyroid healing symptoms chart in your 14 weeks thyroid herbal protocol.

Healing the thyroid isn’t a competition or a race of lets see how fast I can heal or lets see how fast I can get off the thyroid meds. Healing the thyroid is a process of getting to know yourself, how certain foods make you feel, how certain situations trigger you and what true balance really mean.

The last thing that you want is to reduce the thyroid medications too much to a point where you are tired and depressed all day without any energy or motivation  to heal.

On the other hand, if you just discovered your thyroid isn’t functioning well and haven’t started medication, you may like to simply change your diet, take herbs and heal naturally, as the use of drugs will slow you down.

When it comes to healing, it is always advised  to stay close to nature by consuming an alkaline diet that consists of fruits, vegetables and herbs. That is your only chance to heal as unfortunately, allopathic medicine and synthetic drugs fail to cure as they only know how to suppress symptoms.

Listen to your body, get to know yourself and treat your body with respect – it is everything you have and it deserves the finest ingredients mother nature has to offer.

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