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The Great Lymphatic system

The Great Lymphatic system

The majority of people who never got sick and who never took anatomy classes, haven’t heard about the most important system in our body- The Great Lymphatic System.

The reason why The Great Lymphatic System isn’t getting the credit and respect it deserves is because that very often it is being misunderstood and her sibling “The Blood System” gets all the attention.

Let’s get right to it…

The Lymphatic

& Blood Systems – Basics

One of the main rules in nature is that all living creators need to consume nutrition and eliminate toxins in order to live – In other words eat and poop 🙂
We go to the kitchen when we need to eat and go to the bathroom when it’s time to eliminate.

Our amazing body is also made of about 37.2 trillion cells that follow the same concept, they need to eat and eliminate, however, unlike us- they are unable to get up and walk every time they need to go or when they are hungry.

This is where the two most amazing systems come in – The Lymphatic System and The Blood System.

The blood system is like the kitchen of the house, it runs through the entire body and sends nutrition to all cells- this is how cells get their nutrition, through the blood system, and therefore we call the blood system – “The Kitchen”

Right next to it, also running through the entire body, we will find The Great Lymphatic System which is responsible for removing waste and toxins out of cells to be eliminated via stool, urine and sweat and therefore we call the Great Lymphatic System – “The Sewer System”.

Have you ever tried overstuffing your toilet or garbage disposal?

If you are not trying to prove a point and are in your right mind, most likely you have never, intentionally, tried to clog your bathroom and kitchen sink- after all, who needs the extra work anyway?

At the same time, almost all of us without any exception, experienced the sights of a clogged toilet, bathrooms, and sinks, which is the exact correlation of what happens in the body when we get sick.

Our amazing Lymphatic System that is responsible for removing waste out of cells is completely clogged and now, toxins built up inside the cells and in fluids surrounding the cells called- interstitial fluids, creating inflammation, or in other words- acidosis or the root of all disease.  

Disease or the concept of disease is nothing but a clogged sewer system

Animal protein and dairy products are highly mucus forming and constipating and if you look at a cancer cell under a microscope you will discover a cell that is wrapped  in excess protein and mucus until it becomes 5 times bigger than a healthy cell, then it multiplies itself repeating the same action.

At the same time, the thyroid and parathyroid glands that are located in the throat also get congested with mucus from dairy products, animal protein, gluten, grains and other acidic-mucus forming products, which cause Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism and other similar conditions, such as thyroid cancer, goiters and more.

Keep your

pipes clean

If we wish to get healthy, we first need to clean our pipes, get the lymphatic system vassals and nodes cleaned so waste can get eliminated properly. In the world of natural healing, we call it “move your lymphs”.

Only once lymph fluid is moved and eliminated, we can heal. Some people and animals can suffer from a stagnant lymph system that may take more time to clean – one way of telling would be examining your urine.

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If your urine is clear it means that your kidneys are not filtering and lymphs are not moving. You should always aim at having a cloudy dark urine with sediment, which means waste is being eliminated.

If you have already been consuming fruit, veggies and herbs for a while and still experiencing light urine with no sediment, you may wish to consider jumping on 24 -48 dry fast as a kick start. If you have never fasted before, you should definitely learn about the different levels of detoxification and the benefits of short dry fasts, juicing and mono meals.  

My Body My Temple…

The Lymphatic System is the most important system in our body when it comes to healing, it is responsible for removing waste out of our body so we can live- however, without the proper care we simply cannot survive.

Stagnant lymphatic system is the main reason why people and animals are sick- and if we only turn it around by consuming a diet that doesn’t clog our pipes – We can live a healthy life that is physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced. What else can we ask for?

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