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The Harsh Effects of Nail Polish

The Harsh Effects of Nail Polish

As soon as we walk into a nail salon, we get a punch in the face with a strong smell of chemicals that we allow ourselves to get used to after a few moments.

Nail polishes, coats, removers, etc…are nothing but pure strong chemicals that are designed to stay on our nails for as long as possible.

Many of those chemicals are derived from petroleum or coal tar sources which are also designed to create harsh cleaning supplies.

Those strong chemicals contain Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) which are responsible of any possible disease you can think of, from chronic headaches to tragic cases of cancer and pregnancy complications.

Our nails just like any other part of our body are simple cells that interact with anything they come in contact with and as soon as you get your nails done, the next day you will find all those harsh chemicals in your urine.

In the US there are zero regulation as far safety goes, and us as consumers have no way to find out what are the actual ingredients in nail polishes or any other cosmetic product –  unless we take it to a lab and test it ourselves.

The Cancer Prevention Institute of California, have documented acute health effects in nail salon workers from headaches, breathing problems and skin irritation to reproductive health problems, including spontaneous birth, preterm delivery and undersized babies as well as pregnancy complications.

 It is esstinatil to avoid chimicals as much as possible, especially if you are trying to overcome a condition such as healing your thyroid, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding – our health is way more important.

On the other hand, we can  still file our nails for a clean look and buff occasionally, as this tend to weaken the nails, which either way 100% times better than consuming chemicals.

If we can’t eat or drink it – it’s not good for our skin either!

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