Healing the Thyroid Gland from any type of condition, such as Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism and/or all other thyroid weakness related issues, first and foremost, requires an alkaline lifestyle of consuming fruit, vegetables and herbs, while eliminating any toxic patterns and products that may harm your thyroid.

Healing the Thyroid Gland could be a quick process or in some cases may take months to fully heal, based on the level of toxicity. It is essential to eliminate any substances that contribute to thyroid damaging while making yourself feel comfortable with the process of healing so you can reach optimum health.

The Thyroid Healing Kit lists the essential Thyroid Healing products for the most affordable prices, starting with the most powerful steps you can take.


#1 Herbs

High Quality Herbs would always rank #1 when it comes to healing – you are giving your body the best gift it could ever ask – the most potent nutrition that can be found and consumed. You are letting your cells receive a boost of energy that is packed with essential and valuable fuel to function and serve you in the best possible way. If you can afford herbs and are serious about healing, you won’t regret adding herbs to your daily routine, drinking tea and taking some tinctures and dry herbs a few times a day.  

Keep in mind that nothing needs to be consumed forever, once you are healed you may choose to keep nourish your body with just a few selective tinctures or a teas or ,perhaps, treat your body a few times a year, it is up to you. One thing is for sure – your body will thank you for that!

Herbs boost the healing process- Heal faster & Dig deeper

Order herbs as suggested by your Thyroid Certified Detox Specialist or by the 14 Weeks Thyroid Healing Herbal Protocol.

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Dr. Morse Herbs & Glandulars 

#2 Basal Thermometer

What your body’s temperature says about your thyroid?
Test your thyroid function, at home, at your own comfort without having to see a health care professional.

The basal temperature test is checked in the armpit each morning for a period of four days. If the temperature is consistently low, then there is a hypo- (under function) of the thyroid gland, in spite of what a laboratory analysis indicates.

Normal Basal Temperature Reading is between:

97.8° to 98.2° Fahrenheit

Basal Body Thermometer

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#3 Castor Oil

Nature’s Best Natural Pain Relief

Cold Pressed Castor Oil

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#4 Ear Candles

Remove excess Mucus
Clear ear canals of wax build-up

Detox The Thyroid Gland with Ear Candles

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#5 Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Induce coughing mucus relief

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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