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Hypothyroidism Self- Healing Guide

Hypothyroidism Self- Healing Guide

Welcome to ThyroidAid – The only online Thyroid Self – Healing Center that teaches you everything you need to know about how to heal your thyroid naturally; through an alkaline lifestyle, detoxing and regenerating the body to reach optimum health.

All the information shared on this site is entirely FREE and is designed to raise thyroid awareness; what really causes thyroid weaknesses such as: low to high thyroid functioning, growth, cancer, cysts and lumps and what it takes to heal those in adults, seniors, kids and even animals.

The Thyroid Self- Healing Guide, below, acts as the Main Directory for this site which includes two healing stages: Fundamentals and Advanced. We Recommend starting first with the Thyroid Self- Healing Fundamentals and if you decide to take your healing journey to the next level, you can then progress to the Advanced – second stage.

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Thyroid Self – Healing Directory

2. Thyroid Healing – Advanced

When it comes to Thyroid Health, an alkaline diet is always the #1 solution, however, herbs due to their superior healing components and structure are a powerful addition to the healing process, especially, in cases where a deeper level of detoxification is required.

The standard Thyroid Healing Herbal Protocol is always about 14 Weeks long, where some cases require less time versus others, who may require more time to heal.

We have included the first 2 Weeks of Thyroid Herbal Protocol for Free in the Fundamental section and for the ones who wish to take their healing process to the next level you may do so by either purchasing our 14 Weeks Thyroid Healing Herbal Protocol or scheduling a consultation with a Certified Thyroid Detox Specialist by Dr. Morse.

  1. 14 Weeks Thyroid Healing Herbal Protocol- $11.99
  2. Schedule My Consultation With a Certified Thyroid Detox Specialist.


There isn’t better time to start healing than now…

We hope you find all the information shared on this site helpful to start your thyroid healing journey. If you find yourself needing further assistance or wish to share your Thyroid Healing Experience, feel free to join us on Facebook and Instagram or contact us directly.

Share with anyone who suffers from Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism and/or all other thyroid weakness related issues.

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Thyroid Experts - Dr. Morse Certified Detox Specialists, raising awareness of natural Thyroid Health - The Art and Science of Detoxification & Regeneration of Cells through an alkaline environment.

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