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Toxic Environment

Toxic Environment

Not feeling well doesn’t always mean what you eat and what kind of products you use, it also means what kind of energy is surrounding you, whether if it’s people you let into your inner circle, things you hear on the news, or even reading comments of people you have never heard of.

It may seem that we are going through a rough patch nowadays, especially with corona virus going around- fear and negativity is everywhere –  but it is important you know that no matter what you are going through right now, you can get better.

If you feel like some areas in your life are bringing your down, it is perfectly fine to take a break and stay away until you feel strong enough to deal with everything.

Keep staying positive and eat your fruit that are full of abundant healing and loving energy.

Work your issues!

if you feel down, upset, moody, whatever it’s, remember that you don’t need to hurt your body more by going back to old comfort food that made you sick in the first place.

You are better than this and your body deserve the best! If someone upset you at work or your heard something disturbing on the news and feel emotional, face what you feel, address it, give it a name and it would be much easier to make a better decision of what to do next.

Is it worthy for me to go back to my old habits just because of my boss, coworker, family members or friends?

The answer is always no!

Put yourself first and rise above!
Learn and investigate your triggers and remember that there is a lot of light in the world and just because you are having a hard day, does not mean tomorrow would be the same.

Make yourself a nice relaxing bath with some essential oils and candles, remind yourself why you are doing this. It is only about you and you deserve the best.

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